“Eleven rural communities in East Cleveland are working together through the Big Local programme to improve opportunities and facilities within the area”

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The ethos of a Big Local is to bring together local talent, ambitions, skills, energy, individuals, groups and organisations who want to make a difference to the community where they live. East Cleveland Villages Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents of the 11 villages to do just that and to ensure that the £1M awarded in 2012 and available for 10 years, is used to make a lasting difference to the East Cleveland Villages Big Local area.

The delivery of our program will be through the following 5 priorities:

Access to Services

Improve access to employment and services to all residents but especially those at disadvantage. Work with partners to enhance and provide more Services to the people of East Cleveland

Employment, Training and Enterprise

Encourage enterprise. Encourage and improve access to employment services, with industry linked opportunity. Utilise resources. 

Local Business Development

Promote local shopping options in all communities.  Work with Small, Medium and Larger businesses in the East Cleveland area to ‘self-promote’, and also to encourage further business development to the area.

Working with the economic development teams to look at the East Cleveland Offer


Promote Tourism

Give the tools to the people of East Cleveland to believe in what we have ‘…Nowhere else in the UK can you have the coast, Moors and Woodland in ten minutes of one another … ‘ Attract visitors to East Cleveland to come enjoy, explore, stay and come back again and again. Improve and give Identity back to East Cleveland 

Communities Together

Utilise community assets and engage all age groups in activities. Promote healthy lifestyles. Engage people in assessment of their community to enable action. Support each other. All families and individuals will have easy access to support for their needs within their community.

Do you have a project?

In accordance with the key principles of the Big Local Programme it is about bringing together our local talent, ambitions, skills and energy of individuals, groups and organisations to develop our economic footprint; creating enterprise and employment whilst enhancing our communities and their services, removing the cycle of deprivation and rural isolation.

The Big Lottery Fund

East Cleveland Villages Big Local is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, via Local Trust managed by Tees Valley Rural Community Council who are acting as the Locally Trusted Organisation. The Local Trust also provide East Cleveland Villages Big Local with a dedicated Mentor who is there to provide advice, guidance, training and to challenge thinking.

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